A38_ Laydown Rest. Club (2008)

Laydown Rest. Club. Restaurant & club, located in ‘Mercado de Fuencarral’ shopping mall. Complete technical, architectural, interior design & lighting project, as well as product design of many furniture pieces. A project with a great reach in the media and that has enjoyed great popularity.

At the entrance we find the cocktail bar area, where the beige-colored glass mosaic predominates, the tufted beds and the bar covered in black glass; all this is illuminated by a hidden LED system.

White is the predominant color throughout the interior of the restaurant, which allows us, thanks to the LED lighting system, to tint the entire premises in any color. The great singularity of this restaurant is, without a doubt, its beds (designed by us), where you dine lying down, drink, and even dance barefoot. At the back of the restaurant and elevated from the rest of the premises is the VIP area. In the bathrooms, a more baroque aesthetic was chosen, with obvious reminiscences of Art Déco, which contrasts with the rest of the premises.


Valencia, Spain.


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