A71_ Àtic Restó Bar (2021)

Àtic Restó Bar, restaurant and open air terrace in the ‘Palau Alameda’ complex, with spectacular views of the old Turia riverbed.

The intervention consists of designing the entire perimeter space of the restaurant, to adapt it both to the functionality of its new mixed use (restaurant/leisure-music) and to the aesthetic premises of the new sponsoring brand (Larios 12).

The creation of a reserved area is proposed, at one of the ends of the aforementioned perimeter. There, a continuous bench is designed, in part of the perimeter of this reserved. Wooden slat blinds, a mixture of natural wood and white colors, are installed over the existing perimeter windows, in order to provide solar control and, in addition, as a sign of identity for the entire space. Sections of horizontal slats will also be installed on the ceiling, to maintain that identity.


Valencia, Spain.


Co-designed with Iván Martínez. Collaborators: Puertabierta (infographics) and Trade Away (branding).


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