A70_ Jardines del Palau (2021)

Jardines del Palau, restaurant and open air terrace. Competition, 2nd prize*. Architectural design of the several spaces, furniture design, landscaping project and lighting project. A space configured in two areas: indoor area -restaurant (basement floor of the Palau de la Música)- and outside area -terrace-.


The terrace-garden is inserted right on the old bed of the Turia river (Jardines del Turia). The access is transformed into a kind of urban oasis, a garden: a pleasant space, respectful of the environment and its surroundings, unique. With the lighting, a certain theatrical, circus, cozy and non-aggressive lighting atmosphere is recreated, but at the same time absolutely functional. Encapsulated LED strips will be inserted into poles or stringers, in order to draw very specific geometries through lines of light. Furniture: a line of design will be sought in natural and durable materials for the exterior, with modern lines but respectful of their environment, such as natural fibers.


The indoor area (restaurant) will try to emulate the outdoor one, through the use of eco materials and the large number of natural plants that will be installed.


Palau de la Música, Valencia, Spain.




With the collaboration of Irene Durá.


* Not Realised