A16_ Convergencia de Medios by Spanish Government (2002)

‘Convergencia de Medios: Oportunidades para el acercamiento entre Europa y América’ (Media Convergence: Opportunities for rapprochement between Europe and America). Congress organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of Spain, Telefónica, and chaired by President José María Aznar. Art direction of the event (corporative and graphic design, video animations, flash and other multimedia tools projected during the event), as well as the product design of:

– Table for the lecturers (in phenolic board + stainless steel, LED lighting and electro-luminescent fiber).
– Speakers stand (100% transparent methacrylate, LED lighting and electro-luminescent fiber).
– Temporary artistic installation, on both sides of the seating area, consisting of a network of electro-luminescent fiber. It is based on technology and, conceptually, on the threads of union between Europe and America.


Palacio de Congresos, Madrid, Spain.


Co-designed with Ximo Lizana.


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President’s Speech