A13_ ARCO Public Areas & Stands (2002)

‘ARCO’02’, ephemeral architectures. International art fair. Architectural design of every public space within the fair: common areas and stands, rest areas, info points, etc. Highly published, well known and popular.

ARCO Info Points: Inflatable and portable structures serving as set for information and selling points. Co-designed with Inflate UK.

‘The Written Word’: Area that showcases Art Magazines and publishers dedicated to contemporary art. Co-designed with Pablo Valbuena.

Botanical Art Chill Out: Fiber-optics & vegetation cocoon used as chill out area. Co-designed with Ximo Lizana.

‘El Mundo’ stand: Chill out area and stand for ‘El Mundo’ newspaper and magazine*.

Live TV set & stand: Inflatable and portable design of a small but very smart TV set. Co-designed with Inflate UK*.


IFEMA Madrid, Spain.




* Not Realised


Publications regarding this project:

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